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Simply Good.

Recipe Perfection

We've curated our favorite recipes over the years and tweaked the finer details for full flavor bursts and loads of nutrition, bring delicious dinner to your table.

Grocery shopping

Enjoy deliciousness without hitting the store. For our Rooted Meal Kits, we do all the grocery shopping and local ordering for the best ingredients - isn't that lovely!

Menu planning

We mix and match meals for a weekly menu that maximizes variety while also minimizing food waste through complimentary use of ingredients.

Food prep

Leave all the measuring, chopping and slicing to us! When your Rooted Meal Kits arrive, there's only a few simple steps to complete before you eat.

Shopping Lists

Ever started a recipe only to realize you're missing an ingredient? Our planning system double checks its all there (useful for our meal plan subscribers, service coming soon).

Meal Delivery

Have we mentioned we want this to be easy? Right! That's why we'll deliver your orders straight to your door to truly simplify meal time.

We Source Local + Love Veggies

Did you eat all your vegetables? At Relish+Roots, we know it's easier to add enough sweet fruits to our plates. But veggies? That's another story. As we develop menu plans and experiment with recipes, we take time to consider how to incorporate a well rounded and colorful variety of these plants for a nutrient rich experience. We also work with local vendors to find meats, vegetables and other ingredients close to home,

Which Option Fits You?

Our meal kits make dinner simply a breeze! You can choose to subscribe or order when you like menu. If you’re new to Relish and Roots, you can also always start with a sample kit.

See our menu below!