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Next Delivery Menu

Our weekly Rooted Ready Meal Kits offer a rotating menu. Check out our upcoming menu and order below.
Orders submitted each Wednesday go out for delivery the following Tuesday.

Pricing Info

$75 for 3 meal kits of 2 servings each (6 servings total)
$135 for 3 meal kits of 4 servings each (12 servings total)

Subscribers (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly), receive a
discounted rate of $68 and $128, respectively.

March 2 Delivery

Cheesy Zucchini Meatballs with Pasta*

Meatless meatballs? Why not! Enjoy melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella wrapped in zucchini shreds atop a fresh tomato sauce and spaghetti bed. 

Kit includes:  Zucchini mixture, Mozzarella cheese, Pasta, Tomatoes and thyme, Onions and garlic

Slow Cooker Beef w/ Broccoli*

This asian style slow cooker recipe features flavors of soy, sriracha and brown sugar for a fresh twist on a beef and broccoli meal.

Kit includes: broccoli, sirloin, sauce, rice, green onion

Chickpea Wild Rice Soup*

Carrots and chickpeas add color to this creamy and heart-warming soup.

Kit includes: Chickpea Soup Mix, Butter, Cornstarch, Wild Rice 


Garlic Butter Fettuccine with Chicken + Zucchini

Fresh summer squash adds a light touch to this creamy fettuccine dish featuring garlic and lemon flavors. 

Ingredients: pasta, chicken, lemon juice, zucchini and squash, garlic butter, heavy cream, Seasoning packet, parmesan cheese

Impossible Ham + Cheese Pie

It’s almost hard to believe tossing these ingredients together will turn into the delicious pie it makes, that’s why we call it impossible! A simple ham and cheese dish with broccoli on the side.

Kit includes: parmesan, Ham + Cheese + Scallions, baking mix, wet ingredients (milk, egg, dijon), broccoli

March 9 Delivery - Fresh to Frozen

Meatball Subs*

Stuffed Pepper Soup*

Black Bean Burgers*

King Ranch Chicken

PED MEAL: Stuffed Chicken Rolls